5 of the Best Cat Trackers for Your Wandering Feline Friend

Tabcat cat tracker

Tabcat Cat Tracker

Cats are known for being independent creatures, with some adventurous kitties loving to wander off for hours at a time. While they may enjoy their expeditions, the situation can be a little more stressful for you – their owners. Let’s be honest, roaming the neighbourhood late at night in your slippers and dressing gown shouting ‘here puss puss’ is not the look.

Even if your cats spend most of their time indoors, you have probably found yourself scratching your head several times just trying to find them. Thankfully, there are now a range of smart and easy to use cat tracking devices that can keep up with our mischievous felines’ wandering habits. These cat trackers are designed for all types and sizes of cats and even help you monitor your pet’s health.

Below we have recommended 5 great cat tracking collars proven to make life easier for you!


tabcat cat tracker


Rather than using GPS which can result in a bulky piece of neckwear for your feline, Tabcat is a small radio frequency based locator that is great for finding a hide-and-seek loving cats. This tracker is also an amazing way to train your cat to come back on his own; the locator tells the collar to make a beeping noise when pressed that your cat will recognise as a signal to go home. If your pet is caught in a place that he can’t escape from the locator will help get you to them and bring them back safely. Tabcat’s battery can last up to an astounding year.

Tabcat retails for a one off cost of £69.99 GBP. Find out more at: mytabcat.com.

pod cat tracker

2. POD

The Pod Cat Tacker is billed as one of the most lightweight pet trackers on the market. It offers on-demand, real-time location information for your pet’s whereabouts. You can even set escape alerts that will let you know the second your cat has made a break for it. POD’s battery can last up to 6 days at a time.

The POD tracker costs £139 and has a £7 monthly and a £47.35 yearly subscription service. Find out more at www.podtrackers.com/pod-pets

whistle 3 cat tracker


Popular activity monitor Whistle acquired the award-winning Tagg pet tracker in 2015 and the product has now evolved into their latest release, the Whistle 3 – an all-in-one GPS location and activity tracker for dogs and cats. This lightweight device slides over your cat’s collar to provide continuous real-time location tracking to your phone using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and GPS radios. It allows you to create multiple ‘safe zones’ depending on where you are so you are alerted if your feline friend wanders beyond these boundaries. The device and app also provide up to the minute activity tracking so you can see how much your cat is exercising (or not!) and monitor their general health and wellbeing. The battery life on the new Whistle 3 has also been improved to last up to seven days.

The Whistle 3 retails for £64 and has £8 monthly subscription. See more at www.whistle.com

pawtrax cat tracker


Pawtrax is a waterproof GPS tracker that can be attached to about any pet collar. The collar has multiple purchase options including global tracking and runs on a 2G network. The tracker will give you between 24-36 hours of pet tracking with updates sent to you every 10 minutes.

The Pawtrax is a one off cost of £95. Find out more at www.pawtrax.co.uk


GPCats is a unique collar that doubles as a GPS tracker for your cat, which allows for easy access to your cat’s location via a mobile phone app or through a web browser. The collar is lightweight and has a breakaway clip for your cat’s safety but allows for installation of another collar of your choosing and the tracker has a long battery life that can last up to three days.

The GPCats tracker is available for £79 with free service for one year and costs £22 GBP every year thereafter. Find out more at www.gpcats.com


When picking your tracker, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Your budget – how much can you afford and would you prefer a one off payment of a tracking system with a monthly plan? 
  • How far does your cat roam? If your cat is an indoor only animal you may want to go for a less high-tech low-range tracker. If they venture outdoors a lot you need to look into what GPS network will work most in the area you live in.
  • Consider whether you’d also like to monitor your cat’s general health and wellbeing. If your cat is overweight, it might be advisable to opt for a tracker with a built-in activity monitor. 

Have you tried any cat trackers on the market? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!



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  • Lazzyhorns@gmail.com'
    Reply October 3, 2017

    Louise Dekker

    Hi, I tried the GPcats tracker. The apps do not work, they are frozen and when I look via the browser the tracker shows a gigantic area where it is supposed to be and that area is approcimately 30 kilometers away from its actual spot. How can you put this in a list of top 5?

    • Reply October 9, 2017

      Sara White

      Hi Louise, sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with this product. We didn’t encounter these issues. Have you passed this feedback onto the manufacturer?

  • kayjordan54@gmail.com'
    Reply October 23, 2017

    Kay Jordan

    Have tried g-paws which worked for 3 weeks, and was brilliant but then I couldn’t get on the website and tho I keep trying it’s not available so I am thinking that this company has gone into liquidation
    I then recently bought Tabcat… 2 days ago my cat lost the collar with attached tab… I can’t find it anywhere so how would I find my cat?? It only appears to work when the tab is really close by… like 50m not the 122 it states… Sooo disappointed. My cat is too small to wear a heavy tracker otherwise I’d be certain to go for the Pod 3… I’m hoping that particular company will make a lightweight GPS tracker very soon

    • homerblackcat@btinternet.com'
      Reply January 9, 2018


      i have pod3 worked well for 2 weeks, now having trouble with it, they all seam to have some kind if problem! Am looking to repace it but dont know what togo for😩

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