TRENDS: 5 Stylish Ways to Hide Your Cat Litter Box

Being a cat owner definitely has its perks, there are also pitfalls. While having a cat litter box is essential, sometimes it’s difficult to find one which serves its purpose and isn’t an eyesore. Contrary to popular belief, style and practicality are not mutually exclusive, and we’ve found some fantastic options and DIY tricks to keep your kitty’s toilet cleverly disguised.

merry pet cat litter box washroom


This stylish cabinet will perfectly blend with the décor of your bathroom (or any other room in your home). Dress it with a couple of your favourite coffee table books and a plant or vase full of gorgeous flowers to disguise any less than favourable odours.

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diy cat litter box cabinet

Customise your own litter box cabinet / Image: DIY Network


This tutorial shows you how to hide your feline’s litter box in a stylish and practical way. Dust from the wood chips, pellets or whatever else you use in the tray will be kept to a minimum as a little square of carpet acts like a mat for your cat to wipe it’s feet on. You can also hide all of your litter cleaning products in here too, keeping mess and clutter to a minimum!

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ikea faktum cat litter box

Hack your cat an IKEA cat litter box cabinet / image: Ikea Hackers


The uses for almost all of IKEA’s products are endless. This smart DIY turns a tall cabinet on it’s side, making for a spacious place for your furry friend to do her business in private style. With the addition of a cat flap, entry to the litter box is simple and discreet.

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cat litter box cabinet dominic mackenzie

Customise your kitchen / image: Dominic McKenzie


If you have a storage space in your kitchen that houses all of your cat essentials, put the litter tray in there, too. This clever design by Dominic McKenzie is simple, but you may be best off finding someone who is handy with a jigsaw to create an entryway. Slot a shelf in to split the cupboard in two, and pop a scoop and some bags on top to keep everything together.

cat litter box wicker basket ikea hack

Turn a wicker basket into a cosy cat litter box / image: Nocturnal Knits


This option would work beautifully for the more rustic home. Place a blanket and a couple of cushions on top to make the space look a little more cosy and a little less like your fur baby’s toilet!

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Have you come up with a novel way to hide your cat’s litter tray? Tell us about it in the comments below!'

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    Reply July 27, 2017

    Janet Diehl

    The tracking of kitty feet and spillage when pouring litter creates the problem of litter grinding into carpeting, not helpful if your renting. I recommend putting a large tray under the litter box, the extra litter and the waste container. The kind of tray used under washing machines to catch water from spills works well. They are cheep, usually white plastic, with edges, & about 30″x30″. If it should break, it is easy to replace at a hardwear store or any place.that sells washing machines. They could also be used as a large feeding tray.

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