Shaina Fishman Takes Hilarious Photos of Cats in Hats to Get them Adopted

We all know Sophie Gamand has been saving Pit Bulls with her Flower Power series, but what about the cats you scream!? We love it when talented people use their powers for good, and that’s exactly what happened when commercial animal photographer Shaina Fishman and fashion stylist Ryen Blaschke got together for this fur-bulous ‘Cats in Hats’ series.

The pussy-loving pair wanted to highlight the urgent need for people to adopt up to 3.4 million cats that are waiting for forever homes in the U.S. each year. And what better way to get people to pay attention in the already ‘cat-urated’ internet space than to take photos of rescue cats wearing tiny hats and wigs? Seriously, can you think of a better way?

In the spirit of everything ‘de rigueur’, Fishman and Blaschke created miniature versions of popular hats such as the one worn by Pharrell at the Grammys and timeless pieces such as Robin Hood’s woodsman hat. The hats were worn by cats and kitten from Brooklyn Animal Action.

Check out Cats in Hats and more of Shaina’s work with animals at

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