2014 GIFT GUIDE: Cool Cats

Have you got a modern moggie with their paw on the pulse? We’ve handpicked a selection of Christmas gifts that are sure to please even the coolest of customers. From contemporary cat caves to snazzy bow ties and tasty treats – shop them all here.

luxury christmas gifts for cool cats

1. Padpod Pet Lounge by Bark & Miao – £595.00

2. Elevated Pet Feeder by Modernist Cat – US$99.00

3. Partrioticat Bow Tie by Cat in Berlin – €26.90

4. Venison and Chicken & Duck Slices with Catnip by The Innocent Hound – £14.85 (pack of 3)

5. Bolt Laser Toy by Frolicat – £15.96

6. Pink Leather Cat Collar by Cheshire & Wain – £35.00

7. Felt Cat Roller Toys by Hauspanther – US$6.00 (set of 3)

8. Stocking Filler Christmas Cat Gift box by Cheshire & Wain – £35.00

9. White Cat Cave with animal print cushion by Guisapet – £75.00

Still looking for gift inspiration? Visit our Christmas Shop and get your paws on plenty more designer goodies.

Sara is the Founder & Editor of StyleTails. Along with her canine sidekick - George, a rescue Yorkie with a big attitude, Sara reports on the latest design and lifestyle trends for modern pet lovers.

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